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FOCUS 2020

Our assignments range from focused reviews to major implementations of several year’s duration.  Each is based on a strategic planning approach and our FOCUS methodology.  We assist in Organizational Change Management initiatives that resulted in assessment of business requirements, supplier evaluation and selection, education training and strategic implementations.  We work as a part of your team and transfer our methods to your staff.  In this way, our contribution continues long after the assignment is completed.  A few samples of our engagements include:

  1. A major Utility company National Grid was experiencing slippage in various conversion projects and wanted to get back on track.  We served as change management strategist and QA-lead for this Utility Co.., in Syracuse New York. In this capacity we orchestrated and demystified guidelines that helped the various teams to identify and analyze the relevant risks associated with altering production systems and provided controls that mitigate the risks associated with correcting unwarranted modifications. Managed change management tickets from inception- to completion, ensuring that opportunities for errors are eliminated from all process steps and that compliance with regulatory and internally documented processes are adhered to. Assignment was completed on time and below budget. 
  • A major tool, Electronics and Door manufacturer (Stanley) wanted to improve its manufacturing cycle time and improve product quality.  We were asked to train their employees in the areas of Process Improvement, and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), and to help with the re-engineering of one of their major business division (Order Cycle Continuum). Using our FOCUSTM Methodology, we conducted hands-on workshops for over 2000 personnel, including the executive teams. Total savings of over $2 million in six months were realized. 
  • An aerospace firm was betting its future on advanced technology.  We were asked to assess and help control the risks on two major projects involving nearly a dozen suppliers.  Investment value —-over $50 million, with major portions devoted to training the culture to subscribe to diversity and new computers, software and controls.
  • A major truck manufacturer wanted to improve its lead-time on custom design and option kits (MORGAN Truck Co.).  We outlined procedures for closer integration between design and production, and defined the necessary infrastructures:
    • Operations plans
    • Process linkages
    • Re-organization of employees and
    • Computer support to effect the new environment.
  • A world leader in semiconductor and electronics asked us to educate key managers and engineers in the strategic value of system integration.  Using our Advanced Factory Plan (AFP) approach, we conducted hands-on workshops for over 1000 personnel, including the firm’s executive committee.
  • A pharmaceutical firm wanted to maintain its technical leadership against low-cost “generic” competition.  We helped plan for the aggressive use of computer and automated systems.  Using FOCUSTM, this firm defined eight integrated projects that will reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten cycle times.  We also help present the plan to all levels of the company, including production workers.
  • An automobile company was replacing its stamping operations with the latest in automated technology.  We simulated alternative concepts and helped identify the most effective system design.
  • One of the world’s largest metal producers was modernizing a critical mill.   Investment value—over $300 million.  We helped developed a plan for advanced manufacturing, tying together initiatives in quality assurance, just-in-time, ERP, and equipment reliability.

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