Technology Assessment

Our Technology Assessment, assess and rate the old- and the proposed technology for their potentiality in delivering higher levels of performances – “from the “as is” to the “to be” system integration. We use a formal methodology that ensure all Go/No go filters are thoroughly investigated.

System implementations are complex and disruptive – consuming time, energy, and money, and, imposing dramatic changes on the business.  Without proper knowledge of critical success factors for implementing today’s systems and related packages, some of the organization’s initiatives sink into a swamp of excessive cost, inefficiency, and waste – ending up well behind schedules, over budget, and under-productive.

EMAX’s comprehensive OPTION/1 – methodology provides you with the guidance you need to find your way through the wilderness of system evaluation and selection and establishes the framework necessary for a successful system implementation.

Our OPTION/1 – consists  of  five  STAGES:

  • Stage 1 – Value Analysis Assessment
  • Stage 2 – Identify Impact & Investment Value of Technology
  • Stage 3 – Recommend Approach – Integration Planning
  • Stage 4 – Conduct Software Package Evaluation &                         
  • Stage 5 – Develop focused Software Package implementation plan